A documentary directed by Wojciech Klimala.
Zdzisław Misiak, known as Dzidek, the retired king of amusement parks, lives with his 7 year-old grandson Hugo Huang in one of the left over barracks on the site of a once prospering business. The growing bond and relationship between them is valued above all, and the memory of Hugo’s mother, who passed away to soon leaving a scar in their hearts. A bitter-sweet story that will stay with you for a long time. Will you join Hugo on his carousel of life?
22. Busan International Film Festival – South Korea:
Nomination to Busan Vision Awards
33. Warsaw Film Festival – Poland:
Young FIPRESCI Award for The Best Debut from East Europe
III Audience Award

A documentary


Wojciech Klimala

Produced by:

Film Bunch
Mateusz Wajda

Co-produced by:

KOSMOS Production

24 July 2015